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Mesin Pengemas Sachet Sagu (Packaging)
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Jual Mesin Pengemas Sachet Sagu (Packaging)

Spesifikasi Mesin Pengemas Sachet Sagu (Packaging)

mesin pengemas makanan
Mesin Pengemas Sachet Sagu ( Packaging )

Spesifikasi :
Product : Powder, Granule, Seed, Chips
Seal Type : Centre Seal ( pillow pack)
Machine Type : Vertical pouch with bag former size and
volumetric cup system
Seal Dimension : W : 40 - 140 mm, L : 40 - 170 mm
Product Weight : up to 100 gr
Machine Dimension : W x L x H ( 670 x 600 x 1770) mm
Packaging Material : AL= PE, OPP+ PE, NY+ PE and
other sealable paper
Operating Speed : 60 - 80 packs/ min
( depend on product and film)
Supply Voltage : 380V / 3Ph, 1/ 2 HP

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